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 As a valued customer of Baseball Moms Rule, we are committed to providing reliable, quality and trustworthy expertise with every piece of jewelry. Our Jewelry Guarantee is our promise to stand behind the quality of your purchase and make sure you are completely satisfied with your experience. Our company has created an industry leading guarantee program that will provide you with 110% assurance that we stand behind our products.



30-DAY UNUSED EXCHANGE RETURN POLICY: If for any reason you decide you want to return your “Unused” purchase, you have “30-Days” from the day of your purchase to get a refund for your item. Your purchase must be unused and returned in the original packaging material. Contact for more information about our exchange/return policy.

LIFETIME REFURBISH/REPLACE PROGRAM (LOVE OF THE GAME RING): If for any reason your ring naturally begins to lose its enamel color or luster, which may happen at some point over a year period, we will offer to refurbish or replace it for you for free*. This does not include shipping/handling to your address. This program covers you for 10 Years from the date of your purchase.  If you need your ring replaced or refurbished, please click on the following link:  to begin the process.


 Colored Enamel

 Your purchase may have included enamel coloring to highlight the true beauty of baseball stitches, but this color accent also comes with important care instructions to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Please do not expose your ring to harsh hand washing chemicals, high/low temperatures or any direct scratches as this could lead to premature enamel chipping.  Please keep in mind that all jewelry with enamel inlay will wear or chip at some point during the life of the jewelry.

 Stainless Steel Jewelry

 Stainless steel jewelry is made of a steel alloy that contains chromium. The good thing about stainless steel is that it does not corrode or rust. Although it is also very durable, this type of steel can get scratched and stained. Follow these simple rules below to keep your stainless steel jewelry in good condition:

 (1) Pour warm water in a small bowl, add some mild dishwashing soap (2) Dip a soft, lint-free cloth in the soapy water, gently wipe the stainless steel with the damp cloth until the piece is clean. When cleaning it, rub the item along its polish lines (3) Wipe remaining soap off your jewelry using a moist cloth dipped in clean water (4) Dry the jewelry well with a clean towel and leave it to air dry.

 Titanium Jewelry

 This metal is one of the most durable metals that jewelry can be made from. Here are some tips below to help you clean your titanium jewelry. 

(1) Fill small bowl with lukewarm water, add mild dishwashing liquid (2) Soak your jewelry in the solution for about 6 minutes, then gently rub the dirt off the pieces with a soft cloth (3) After your jewelry is clean, rinse with water and dry it with clean towel. Never allow for your titanium jewelry to stay wet as it may cause tarnishing of the finish and may cause them to spot (4) Titanium can also be cleaned using ammonia (you can use Windex, which contains ammonia) or jewelry cleaning solutions.