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Posted by Administrator on 10/11/2013 to Desserts

It’s not the baseball season, but for your family it doesn't matter because baseball is in your blood. Baseball crazy family or not, this is a beautiful baseball dish that is not only really easy to make by yourself or with your kids , but it tastes awesome and is really great for baseball events or sweet snacks. Try this at home and we’ll guarantee “You’ll be a Hit” all year round!

*Recipe below


- 12 Strawberries - 1 Bag White Candy Melts (White Chocolate) - 1 Bag Red Candy Melts


1. Clean strawberries and make sure they dry completely 2. Melt white candy melts in bowl 3. Grab one strawberry, holding the green stem part, gently swirl the berry in the melted chocolate 4. Add melted chocolate over the top of the strawberry if needed so that the strawberry is completely covered 5. Let any excess white chocolate drip off the bottom of the strawberry tip 6. Gently place the covered strawberries on waxed paper to dry up 7. Next melt the red candy chocolate melts into a bowl 8. Transfer the melted red chocolate into a frosting piping bag that has a small tip or Ziploc bag 9. If using a Ziploc bag, make sure you cut off a very small hole on only one corners to act as a piping bag 10. Use the piping bag or Ziploc bag to make your red stitching lines on the strawberries, but make sure you work quickly so that the chocolate doesn’t dry 11. Make sure you let the strawberries dry and harden 12. You can serve the strawberries immediately after they dry or store them in a sealed container in your refrigerator for future enjoyment

*This dish serves: 12

Baseball Moms Rule



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